You can read my profile if you would like but to summarize quickly, I am the sole female here at ImagineAuto and quite a bit like the resident Mom in this fraternity.  It’s my job to throw in a female touch every now and then.  So if you are reading through this blog at some point and see something more akin to a wine review, travel suggestion, fashion tip or entertainment update that’s from me.  What happens in the life of Stephen and I is total dedication to everything Porsche, from performance, to interior and driving comfort, to external appearance.  But at the end of the day, it is that magnificent Porsche that takes us to dinner for a glass of wine, or to the movies or for that weekend getaway.  So, it makes perfect sense to throw in something non-Porsche specific, but relevant, every now and then!

So today I want to share a little personal review of a great bottle of wine Stephen and I shared last night.  I have a rule of not spending anymore than about $10 (give or take a few) on a bottle of wine.  There are so many wonderful wines out there in that price range that there is no need for wine amateurs like us to spend too much on something that we are still learning about.  Last night’s wine was a California Pinot Noir by the Mirassoui vineyard.  The winemaker profiles the wine as “displaying intense fruit flavors of strawberries, pomegranates, and cherries, balanced with delicate floral notes.”  We actually drank this wine after dinner but it seems like it would pair well with many different dishes.  We highly recommend this to red wine lovers!


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