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Going fast is not everything, everyone has to stop.

We spend a better part of our day making cars that are fast even faster. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is assuming that because they are brakes on a Porsche there is no reason to change. In fact we find that this statement doesn’t hold water when the cars are really put to the test. Any track time will show the deficiencies in the system. Yes, this also goes for the PCCBs. Even the 2nd generation of the PCCBs (ceramic brakes) are having serious issues. I know of several cases that the owners have tracked the car 5-6 times and now is looking at a 20K bill to replace rotors. That doesn’t seem like a viable solution.  Brembo has blessed us with an alternative. Since I don’t mind that we tear my car apart and use it for testing we fitted the new GT brakes from Brembo on my car.  The front 6 piston calipers are massive compared to the stock version. The front rotors are increased from 350mm to 380mm. The rear remained at 350mm but the difference is the technology used in the rotor. Studies have shown that area that is needed to stop and utilize the meat of the brake pad is much less than most rotors and pads are setup for. The pad makes contact in a very concentrated area and beyond the area it simply creating heat and unneeded weight. By making the rotor and pad combination more efficient you have not only a lighter rotor but also a cooler rotor. The fronts increased in size but shave 14.4 pounds of rotating mass. The rears remain the same size but loose 9.8 pounds of rotating mass. The massive 6 piston calipers stop the car on a dime, but do not do so at the expense of pedal feel.  To those that do not know what they are looking at the spot from the driver’s seat is unchanged. The car feels like stock, just better. These brakes out perform the PCCBs and certainly put the stock OEM (improved version) to shame.   So while we make em’ fast we also make them stop.



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