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Tuning for performance

EFI conversions are always a major shop project here at Imagine. Everything from fuel system assembly to complete wiring harness construction is done in house. Though all EFI conversions are made up of similar components they are not all created equal. Some cars require additional measures to be taken in the interest of accurate tuning for smooth power delivery. For example one of our EFI converted 911 turbos currently gets it’s signal to the SM4 control module via a timing sensor in the distributor cap. With the distributor based signal wire a significant amount of electronic interference is present at high RPM’s, limiting tuning capabilities. To overcome this obstacle we will be using a hall-effect sensor mounted above the transmission that will pull it’s signal from the flywheel. By doing this the signal will be uninterrupted, providing the SM4 unit with a clear reference. When all said and done this 911 will be able to use the top of it’s power band to it’s full potential. It may sound simple but on this particular car the transmission needed to come off the car. Once off and out of the way the flywheel needs to be modified or a flywheel suitable for a hall-effect sensor needs to be installed. With that taken care of a sensor and bracket must then be positioned. One 993 sensor bracket, a trip to the drill press, plus a little bit of welding and the sensor is ready to be installed. All in a day’s work…
In the tunnel


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