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Our Roots: From Old to New and Back Again

500HP 930 Motor

Thinking back about 15 years ago, Stephen and I spent more time in the garage than we did actually inside the house.  Having met him when I was 14 and marrying at 22, I had learned early on that if there was to be time spent together, it was going to be in the garage as he “tinkered” with his Porsche.  That was ok though because I had his undivided attention and while there were those tense times when I knew it was best to keep quiet for a bit, we mostly had really great one on one time together.

In time though, his focus was split between the garage and the computer.  As the internet began to take off in the ’90’s and the creation of an e-mail-based web board called “Rennlist” came to fruition, Stephen found a new focus.  Now, Porsche nuts could discuss, question, experiment and interact with each other more directly with other enthusiasts.  With Stephen’s extensive Porsche knowledge and natural technical ability, he took the inquiries to heart and was one of the pioneer contributors.  As the Rennlist web forum grew to amazing proportions and morphed into what it is today, an interactive board, Stephen started taking on side projects.  Just like Rennlist, Stephen’s side projects which consisted almost exclusively of 930 motor builds, grew into a small home business called ImagineAuto.

For years ImagineAuto was solely focused on preserving the turbo Porsche motor.  Outgrowing our garage and moving into a modest shop occurred rather quickly.  Once word got around to turbo owners that Stephen was building a bullet-proof engine that was warrantied for a year – unheard of in the industry – motors were crated in and tired 930’s were transported to Kansas from all over the US.  Stephen had found his niche without even trying and the rest as they say, is history.

 While there were other gurus before Stephen, a Porsche expert that spans the gammut of early turbo motors to the most newly released 997TT motors is an endangered species.  With the new 997TT’s on the road packed full of every automotive luxury, it is easy to forget the Porsche’s heritage.  Simple but deadly the 930s had personality, flair and a perfectly basic turbo engine that with a little tweaking and magical reconfiguration by Stephen and his staff will more times than not scream past its competitors and newer models of itself.

The purpose of this history lesson is to remind everyone that ImagineAuto is still very focused in its roots.  Right now we have nine motors in the process of being rebuilt.  Everything from 1974 to 2005 both turbo motors and naturally aspirated.  We love the challenge and the satisfaction that comes from rejuvenating a tired engine.  People say that things often times come full circle.  We just want to say that this side of our business is very much alive and as we sadly head out of the summer months and the racing circuit winds down over the course of the next few months, what better time is there than now to schedule your Porsche’s visit to see the “Dr.”.  We’ll take good care of her, we promise.


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