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I bet you wish you had bought a turbo……

This is one of the comments I hear a lot with 996 and 997 owners! Many owners get that speed bug, and unfortunately, they find themselves limited in their 996/997 C2/4/4S’ by the naturally aspirated power. Sometimes they get outrun by a faster car on the track, other times they simply drive a twin turbo and realize the power difference. Many often wonder if we can add a turbo to their engine to gain that extra power, but I have something a lot easier, and it bolts right on. What you might ask? Forced induction of a different sort….a supercharger. This is a kit I can bolt on in two days work, and utilizes a proven Vortec V1 supercharger unit, with a water cooled intercooler to keep the intake temperatures down. The kit adds 120hp to the 996 3.4L engine, 150hp to a 3.6L 996, and 120hp to the 3.8L engine. To put this in perspective, a supercharged 997C2S will run about a 11.5 second quarter mile at 125mph! Impressive to say the least. We have so many of these kits on the road that it isn’t funny, and they have all proven to be bulletproof. Punch the throttle, and let the car rip off the line. You will really surprise a twin turbo when he tries to pull you on the straight, because it won’t happen.

Tired of your buddies ragging on your NA engine? Let me have 2 days with the car, and they will be singing a different tune….trust me.


img_1134.jpg997 C2SMatt Nigro’s Former BeastFront mount intercooler997C2S


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