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Man of many hats

Most of my day is spent building engines, converting CIS to EFI and tuning them. I also have many other duties in the industry. I spend a lot of time as Tech Advisor for several boards including the National PCA Technical Website on turbos. Every now and then I get away to a radio station and help with various questions emailed in to the radio personality I am grouped with. It is not that I can’t find enough to do in a day as many of you know but I do enjoy helping out. I fell into these types of rolls by accident. It is hard to find someone that is a normal car guy with some background. In fact we have already done a pilot for a possible syndicated car talk show much like Car Guys.   Here is the funny thing about all of this. People really get a kick out of hearing me. The other morning I was followed into work. I am usually not greeted by my staff until I have consumed at least 3 cups of coffee. Well, I didn’t even make it inside and this fellow pulls in behind me and says” Is that the AWD turbo Porsche” I explained in fact it was. He went on to ask if it was quick and some details on the car. Then he blurts out “Hey, you are the guy on the radio, the show “rides that rock” I replied with a Yes. The retort was a simple “WOW that is cool” 

As he drove away I could hear him continually saying, wow that is really cool. I just chuckled….I am still just a normal car guy.

Here are a couple of our 30 second spots.

Rides that Rock…dynos

Rides that Rock…Wheels and Deals

Rides that Rock…Carbon Fiber Brakes

Rides that Rock…Stereo Upgrades and MOST systems


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