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Sports Car Purity

What makes a sports car pure in every sense? Can it really be defined as something specific? Who gets to decide what is a tried and true, purpose built sports car? Every manufacturer has their own definition of sports car and they stand behind it to the end. Porsche is a prime example of one of those marques who has stuck to their guns, relentlessly providing enthusiasts with a pure drivers’ car. To some the 930 is perhaps the greatest example of this…

In 1975 the sports car market changed forever with the Turbo Carrera. A man by the name of Ernst Fuhrmann applied turbocharger technology that he originally developed for the 917 Can-Am race cars to the Carrera RS’s 3.0L flat-six to make a 260 horsepower tail-slider that would make history. The first turbo (like all later turbo 911 models to follow) was designed to directly compete with Ferrari and Lamborghini, as well as provide a visual feast for the natural car sports car enthusiast. A low stance, sloped back, massively protruding rear fenders, and a wing that has been synonymous with the Porsche name ever since. Even the accordion-like bumper ends appealed to more people than it turned away. Let’s not forget about the slant-nose either, which adds new meaning to the word “menacing”. If there was any question about whether or not Porsche had redefined the sports car with the first 911, then the introduction of the 930 Turbo certainly convinced any non-believers.



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