911 Porsche, Personnel, Poppycock, turbo Porsche

What would you do?

 Here’s the facts:

I have two Porsches.  One of them has to go.  I already know what I should do – and probably will do – but what would you do?

'76 911

1976 911 S, Talbot Yellow; 2.7 liter engine with RS specs, 240 HP.  It has that awesome, throaty, familiar early 911 sound, easy clutch, the lack of power steering makes you get into driving the car and it really gets out of its own way.  Not to mention there are several first place concours awards associated with this fine machine.

Black Cab

1988 Black 930 Gemballa Conversion; 3.4 twin plug, G50 transmission, 475 HP.  This car is what the boys consider waaay cool.  As opposed to the ’76 911 targa top, this Porsche is 100% convertible.  I don’t have to tell you how this one drives, it takes an effort for me to keep it at the speed limit!  This 930 is actually one that ImagineAuto built and performed the conversion on several years ago.  Our customer was ready to move on to something newer and offered the car back to us.  We of course jumped on the offer, so it is kind of like a part of the family coming back home.

Both cars are amazing in their own way.  The 911’s classic lines, the performance, and that sound…it’s so comforting.  But the cab looks tough, is easy to drive and performs like, well, an ImagineAuto monster.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the sale of one or the other.  Unfortunately I can’t keep both.  Like I said, I have almost certainly made my decision but before I reveal to you my choice, what would you do?


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