Poppycock, Porsche

Poor Hilary

Well apparently you can’t have your cake and eat it too, even in Hollywood. It has been reported that teen actress Hilary Duff has been banned from buying her dream car, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo. What would a 19 year old do with 500 HP packed into an SUV (besides wrapping it around a telephone pole)? The world may never know as Hilary’s manager has forbid her from purchasing one. I know that this will be a tough pill to swallow, but evidently Hilary is not that good of a driver. “The other day I had a little accident because I was driving while I was on the phone. It was just a tap, nothing serious, so I thought; I’ll keep going its fine, whatever. But my business manager told me, ‘You have to be careful, because people will sue you.’ So I need to be cautious”. Wow. Wise words from a teen diva. If only Paris had that kind of intellect. I am sure that she doesn’t realize it, but she should be so lucky to have people around her with some common sense who actually care. Maybe when you’re older, Hilary. So will this keep Hilary out of the tabloids for drunk driving or for broadsiding a minivan full of nuns on thier way to a benifit concert for troubled teens? Probably not, but at least she won’t be going 150 MPH upon impact.



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