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Buffalo Run 2007

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Last year was the first year of a new annual event called The Buffalo Run held in Kansas City in October.  This event was organized by KC Magazine and its parent company Anthem Media Group.  Brian Weaver, President of the company, and his crew did an outstanding job last year of entertaining the participants and keeping the close to 200 cars under control while they traveled through Kansas and Missouri for a day. 

The Buffalo Run was modeled after some of the infamous road rallies that have taken place across the US and in the UK.  This event last year started Friday evening with a party at a hot night club called Blonde on the Country Club Plaza.  It was stuffed to the walls with the rally participants and the Run sponsors sipping martinis, watching a fabulous fashion show and talking smack about their car’s sure bet win. 

Early the following morning the cars parked all across the Plaza which had been shut down for the morning so the masses could peer at the very impressive group of cars that had entered the Run.  There were Corvettes, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, Cadillac Escalades, Vipers, Vintage Hot Rods, you name it – all parked side by side waiting for the green light to go.  The rally began every few mintues for the drivers as they were sent on their way from the Plaza to the Kansas Speedway.  At the Speedway each team was given their rally directions.  From the Speedway, each team was off…

It turns out that there were 6 different rally routes.  When the teams were driving the country two-lane roads through rural Kansas and Missouri if you saw a car go whizzing past you the opposite direction, you didn’t know if they were ahead of you, lost, or following a different route!  So there was no following the other teams.  Quickly everyone figured out that the rally was not a race of speed but of skill. The rallies all ended back at the Speedway where the mileage was calculated and it was determined if the team had stayed on course or had strayed.

A fun time was had by all that day – well maybe not all since we heard stories of speeding tickets, breakdowns and some inter-team squabbling.  But for most, the day was unforgettable. The Buffalo Run event ended that evening at a venue where a local band played, awards were given out and eats and drinks were consumed.  All of this weekend was made even better by the fact that the majority of the money collected for the event was donated to the Ronald McDonald House charities locally in Kansas City.

This year’s event is sure to be even better organized and more highly attended.  The event is scheduled for Friday and Saturday October 12 and 13 with an extra day to play on the Kansas Speedway track on October 10th.  ImagineAuto will have three teams participating in the Buffalo Run this year with Stephen and I navigating the 997TT.  Have no fear, Stephen and I have successfully navigated and even won a rally or two in our day.  We work quite well together – I dictate instructions and he just does…not a bad thing!

Buffalo Run Offical Website


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