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More than Porsches, my other hobbies

This is a little off the Porsche Track and more on the personal level and a little insight to why I am able to manage stress!  When I was 13 I was introduced in to the martial arts. It was for various reasons, but mostly for self defense. I completed most of my levels to achieve a Black recommend then stopped. When you are young you assume that what you have done as far as being able to use the art is enough. Like any cocky 17 year old I walked away from the art. I tried during the late 90s to go back and that lasted all of two weeks.  Fast forward now 16 years! I am searching for a school to place my son in and stumble across an extension of the academy I had trained from so many years prior. I quickly ran over there and there was a lady doing some book work. We chatted a while then came to the conclusion this was the same  6 year old I use to watch when her dad brought her to the school. It was the daughter of one of my instructors! Life moves fast and so does aging! We quickly placed Jett into the program. At this point I was being asked by Roxanne, my wife to stop being a lobby coach and if I knew so much then get back into class. My response was always the same, that was a long time ago and I know you can’t put tooth paste back in the tube. Upon the third week I was greeting by my wife and a new uniform as I entered the school. Could this be? Can you do this I asked? She quickly explained that she had worked it out with Master Johnson that I would not loose all my ranks and be testing for my brown belts which placed me at approximately 2 years to receive my blackbelt. I took the offer not knowing what to expect. Other than a little huffing and puffing from the 3 cigars I inhaled a day!! Yikes.

My first 6 months were anything but fun. Trying to make a late 30 year olds body work like it did when it was 17 is damn near impossible.  I never gave up and finally started to make some head way! I gained my speed and agility back and realized that I also had a thought process that replaced high testosterone levels. I hit harder and nothing really ever seemed to hurt!

I achieved my black belt a year a and a half ago. At that point I also started teaching. As I do in the Porsche world I always share my knowledge. It is not mine to keep. So I spend every night either being a student or teach or both! Stress is held into until I walk through the doors of our school and it is always better by the time I get home. In my life I have been so involved in the Martial Arts my Wife is now a brown belt, my oldest son Jett is training for his black belt and should test in Oct. Quinn our youngest is a high blue belt. Granted he is 5 and has the attention span of a nat he is aggressive like his dad and doesn’t mind mixing it up a bit. I believe he has a good future in the martial arts. For me, well I have enjoyed being a blackbelt for the last year and a half but it is time for me to test for my second degree. Several years older I feel I am faster, stronger and better than I was and know that the accomplishments I have made since I walked through that door have been monumental. As a side note I also train in Hap Ki Do which is a Korean Grappling and you will have to ask Karl but he trains me in Gracie Style Jujitsu. I refuse to get old!

Stay tuned as the Kaspar Klan heads for its third year at the Midwest TKD championships!   

Here is a copy of a video during a demo.  Click me 

This Video is of our 5 year old durning his school demo. Click the first link. Quinn hammer fist break

Jett Break

5 Brick Break


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