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Jett’s Rocket

1972 914 ChalonWell, so maybe not a rocket, but it is pretty cool.  Our 8 year old got his first car a couple of months ago.  What?  Don’t all 8 year olds already have their own cars?  Our 5 year old, Quinn, who is a mega-Porsche nut was totally annoyed and said, “Jett can’t have a car -he can’t even touch the pedals yet!”

While it’s true, this car came available for a mere $1,000 and it was too hard to turn down.  The 1972 Porsche 914 is a dying breed.  This model was in excellent condition and came with a unique Chalon body kit.  The Chalon kits were made to look like a mini 930 slant with its upgraded bumpers.  While the car packs a whopping 1.8L 4 cylinder engine, it will be plenty for a 15 or 16 year old’s first car.

Jett who is very analytical and enjoys Porsches because that’s what dad likes, was confused to say the least when we brought him up to the shop that day and told him we had a suprise for him.  We yelled suprise! and he looked at the car and looked at us and then said, what?  We explained to him that dad had found a car that the two of them over time could research and restore together and when he was old enough to drive, this would be his car.  He slowly caught on to the idea and then became quite excited.  It still hadn’t sunk in however on the drive home that afternoon, because he whispered to me, “Mom, I still don’t understand why dad bought me a car.”  Quinn quickly piped up, “yea, he should have bought me one too!  I like Porsches better!”  In time son, in time.

 Jett in Shop Jett’s Car


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