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The Doctors make a house call

Yes, it is true. There are still doctors that will take their bags and run off to fix a patient. In this case the patient was receiving more of a face lift then an antibiotic. We have had the pleasure to build Paul Rubin’s  car for the last three years. Every winter usually yields another project. The car started as a simple ECU and turbo upgrade and has since turned into a full project including the suspension, brakes, interior, body, full engine build, transmission, clutch and more. The car has produced well over 800 crank HP on our dyno.   Wednesday of last week I showed up at Karl’s house at 5am sharp. We drove to the airport and jumped on a plane to head to the Rockies. Actually Boulder. We were in CO by 7:30 and at Paul’s door a little before 9am. Karl and I stripped the bumper and the intercoolers and quickly modified the openings and mounts to accommodate the larger intercoolers. We had our tools sent next day-ed to Paul’s house so that by Wed we would be ready. We pulled the intake and updated the system with a Hitachi Maf which has proven to be far more reliable than the OEM Bosch unit in high HP applications. This also requires a change to the ECU software which we had done back at the shop and overnighted the ECU to Paul. 4 hours later we had accomplished about 8 hours of work between the two of us. A quick ride around the loop confirmed that this car still is no slouch and will easily rip all four tires before they finally heat and grab.  

A few hours in the airport and we were back in the land of OZ! What a day…

cimg0992.jpg cimg0950.jpg cimg0954.jpg  cimg0988.jpg rubin100707.jpg intercoolers-copy.jpgcimg0943.jpg


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