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Just another Grey Car

While Stephen concentrates on putting out EFI conversions on the older cars, I try and concentrate on the newer stuff. It makes sense, Stephen is old, I am not. So I wanted to share one of my projects with you. This is Rick Lopes’ 997 C2S. It started out as any boring car does, looking decent, but missing a lot. IIRC this car came to us for it’s first round of modifications with about 2000 miles on the clock. So I got started. I have been with this car for everything, with the exception of mounting the pedals, and fixing a local dealer mishap with a wiring harness which I won’t get into), but Stephen took care of those things.

The list has gotten so long, that I don’t remember everything we have done to be quite honest. The wheels have changed numerous times, from stock to Kinesis to Champion, etc. The suspension has changed numerous times as well. We started out by giving this car a little more power with a full Fabspeed exhaust system (headers, sport cats, mufflers), and then adding a supercharger. This took the power output of the engine to a little more than 500hp. Not too shabby. Then we installed cargraphic lowering springs and Kinesis rims. Well that was o.k. for awhile, once the PASM compliant bilstein PPS suspension was released, we were first inline to get a set in the US, of which went on this car. We also installed a cargraphic carbon fiber lip spoiler at the same time (currently for sale, as you will learn why if you keep reading). Then Rick got the track bug. Bad. Big brakes were next. So we installed the front Brembo big brake kit to improve stopping power. Well, after installing the Kinesis rim, we found out that the valve stem would not clear the calipers! So, we ordered a set of Champion RG5 rims which didn’t have the clearance issues. Problem solved. A carbon fiber rear diffuser was added as well, along with billet aluminum pedals. It just wasn’t enough though. So we decided that a Porsche Aerokit rear wing with a carbon fiber spoiler would look good. At the same time we added the Porsche Motorsports Gt3 Cup nose, complete with tow hook and lip spoiler (which is why the old carbon spoiler is for sale). Thats great and all, but the interior was lacking. So we added a GMG rollbar, Carbon Fiber Club Sport Seats, Simpson Camlock 6 point harnesses, Techart steering wheel, carbon fiber sport chrono cover, carbon fiber center console, and removed the rear seats and speaker box, giving it a nice clean look. To finish off the suspension, we added GT3 front control arms, adjustable thrust bushing plates, fully adjustable front and rear sway bars, and GMG upper and lower rear control arms.

So a quick current breakdown of the car:

2005 997C2S


Full Fabspeed exhaust (headers, sport cats, mufflers)

Bilstein PSS fully active suspension (PASM compliant).

Upgraded GMG front and rear adjustable sway bars

GMG upper and lower rear control arms

GT3 front lower control arms with adjustable thrust bearing plates

Solid suspension bushings

Aerokit rear wing with Carbon fiber spoiler

Porsche Motorsports GT3 Cup front nose, tow hook, lip spoiler

Euro Side markers

Carbon fiber Club Sport Seats with Alcantara inserts

Carbon fiber sport chrono cover

Carbon fiber center console

Carbon fiber rear diffuser

Carbon fiber front lip spoiler trim (add on)

Techart steering wheel

GMG roll bar

Simpson 6 point camlock harnesses

Billet aluminum pedals

Champion RG5 rims

Brembo big brake kit on all 4 corners

S/S brake lines

What’s next? Well, we know for sure a flat black set of track wheels are being mounted and balanced as we speak. Could there possibly be a GT3 full exhaust system (with center outlet under the license plate) and GT3 rear bumper in the works? Hmmmm interesting thought isn’t it?


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