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Dancing With Race Car Drivers

team penskeWhen it’s my turn to blog I try really hard to make my entry interesting to the masses that read this knowing that most have come from the Porsche community looking for juicy tid bits on horsepower and new products and exciting insider auto news.  However, the information I end up presenting is hardly technical and is merely my opinion or observations or information that I deem worthy to report.  You should be warned: This time, this entry neither claims to be anything Porsche-related nor any kind of ground-breaking information and instead is everything girlie and frou frou with a tiny bit of auto tossed in so I don’t get ridiculed by the guys.

Did you all see the amazing dancers this week on Dancing with the Stars?!  In my next life that is where I will live out my dream.  I was a ballet dancer for 20 years and put myself through college on a dance scholarship.  I had the pleasure of dancing with the Lexington, KY Ballet, the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle, WA, the Joffrey Ballet in NYC along with various amazing opportunities to perform for the late great Alvin Ailey and also the late wonderfully talented Lennie Williams.  Dancing was my life and of course now living life is my life but the love of dance remains.

A connection with the auto racing world and the dance world has come together on this season’s Dancing With The Stars.  Two time Indy 500 winner Helio Castroneves, a Brazilian-born 32 year old, has been paired up with last season’s winner Julian Hough (partner to Olympic speedskating gold medalist Apolo Anton-Ohno) and has some big shoes to fill.  Helio reported in a TV Guide interview that while he is going to have to work hard to improve the strength in his leg muscles to keep up with the grueling pace of Cha Cha’s, Foxtrots, Mambas, etc., – apparently race car drivers do a lot of sitting as they move around the track 500 times – he understands the demands of a dancer.  His sister who is now his business manager was a ballet dancer for 20 years in the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil.  His sister warned Helio he’d be, “using muscles he never knew he had.”

Helio and Julianne did very well in the competition the first round this week taking second place and being voted to stay for next week’s round two.  Their competition is quite varied with Marie Osmond, Jennie Garth, Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather, a Cheetah Girl, a Spice Girl, the Dallas Mavericks billionaire team owner and several others.  I know to many this is mindless reality tv, but you might check it out next week and prepare yourself to be blown away by these dancers.  Not so much the stars, but their partners who do things with their bodies you never thought possible!  And keep an eye on Helio, Team Penske may have a new business venture in their future.

  Dancing with Helio and Julianne




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