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You know, we don’t do just engines……..

The heart and sole of Imagine Auto is obviously based on performance, but we also do jobs that involve interiors as well. This was a little project I did a few months back to Stephen’s old 800hp 996TT. It was sold to a local customer when Stephen picked up his new 997TT. The interior was originally grey, with a flip up DVD/NAV system that got in the way of the rest of the console buttons and controls. The new owner decided he wanted us to updated the head unit, change the gauges, and two tone the interior with black carpet, which involved two toning the dash as well…… So I got started.

Removing everything is always the easy part, putting things back together with just ideas in your head is what takes time. We knew what we wanted to do, getting there is just a step at a time. Most guys would have a heart attack if they saw their interior disappear, but it was in good hands….

New black carpet going in……

With the lower section of the dash redyed and installed, then we installed the Pioneer touch screen DVD/NAV/XM headunit. These units are really cool, in that they have a 60gig Hard Drive. You insert a CD to play, it reads it for about 30 seconds, then spits the CD back out…..with everything copied onto the internal HD!

Then we installed the Zeitronix unit to monitor boost, EGT’s, and AFR’s. We got rid of the Zeitronix outer shell, and Stevie D custom molded the circuit board into a panel that could be mounted below the AC controls.

And the finished product!  It came out quite nice, and will sure hold up to dirt and grime better than the light grey carpet did.


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