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Heads up

Product Spotlight: AiM Sports MXL Strada


This unit is packed full of features that any dedicated track car or weekend road racer should have. The MXL is a complete digital gauge that connects directly to your engine control unit, displaying a fully customizable array of engine parameters. A variety of after market stand-alone units can also be interfaced with the MXL such as MoTec, Pectel, EFI, Autronic, Bosch, and Racetech to name a few. Available displays include a graphical tachometer with ten customizable shift lights, gear position, digital speed, total and partial odometer, 8 analog inputs, lap timer, best lap, and a customizable text tag for each input. To top it all off the MXL has 128 kb of non-volatile memory for data logging.


Contact us at Questions@imagineauto.com with any inquiries for AiM product line or anything else for your racing needs.


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