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Helio Races Ahead & Buffalo Run is Ready for a Stampede


Week two and Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough are leading the way on Dancing with the Stars!  Going into this season, Helio was not even on my radar as someone I was interested in watching.  Maybe it’s the Brazilian blood that showed it’s face during the Mambo this week or my love of racing engines and the smell of exhaust, but I find that guy has something that screams winner. Maybe it is the advantage of having Julianne as a partner, that has to help. But you can’t teach someone that isn’t teachable – that applies in dancing or driving for that matter. I am excited to see what’s in store for next week.


The excitement mounts as the 2nd Buffalo Run looms in the distant future.  ImagineAuto is currently prepping 4 teams for the rally.  The first team is manned by myself as navigator and my husband Stephen as driver in our 2007 speed yellow 997TT.  Team two consists of IA salesman Jeremy and IA tech Collin in IA’s 1988 Gemballa black turbo Cab.  Team three is headed by IA engine builder Stephen Decilles (“D”) and navigated by his better half, Donna in a 2007 black VW GTI.  Finally team four was determined back in April this year at ImagineAuto’s 2nd Annual Spring Car Thing event.  Cindy Thomas, editor of the local Porsche Club of America newsletter and avid Porsche fan was the lucky winner in a drawing for the final spot on the ImagineAuto team.  Sadly, just a couple of weeks ago, Cindy sold her speed yellow Porsche Boxster.  Cindy’s friend and fellow Kansas City Region PCA’er, Neill Flood will be driving his 1979 Persian blue 930 with Cindy as navigator.

None of us are really out to win the Rally, we are in it for the fun and sportsmanship of the event.  As a sponsor, we express our support for the art of racing and rallies here in Kansas City.  ImagineAuto is all about the daily driving of our fine automobiles and what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than driving our beloved through the back roads of Northern Kansas and Missouri.  Don’t get me wrong, we won’t be Driving Miss Daisy, well, at least Stephen and I won’t be.  See you at the finish line!


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