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Club Race and DE to Finish the Season

Well, two events left for the race season this year. We have been in a bit of a lull during the hot season here in the midwest, but with the temps cooling off, we will get in two more events before the snow flies. The 100 degree temps here in the midwest are really hard on the cars at the track (where temps on the blacktop reach well over 120 degrees), so we tend to skip most of the August/September events. If you are planning on making the events, please stop by and say hi!

This coming weekend (Oct 12th-14th), I will be down lending trackside support at Hallett Raceway in Oklahoma for the PCA club race and DE event. Headquarters will be ran out of or near Tim Peterson’s crew, so look for the big tractor trailer with the black/white checkerboard on it. With any luck, we will all be hanging out watching the cars go around the track, and not having to work on anything……HAHAHA..right. If our cars are running great, there is usually someone else that might need help, so I am typically running around trying to lend an extra hand to whoever might need it.

The following weekend (Oct 19th-21st), I will be providing trackside support out at Heartland Park Topeka for our last PCA DE event this season. Since this is a local event, you might even get to see some other IA faces out there. I should have camp set up in a garage somewhere near the south end, so look for me there. The new track surface was improved even more about 2 months ago when turn #1 and 2 were taken from a sharp 90 degree right and 90 degree left to an easier 45 degree right and then left turn. This will make coming over alpha zero a bit easier on the nerves. Also 8th turn on the backside has been straightened out slightly, which will make that a lot easier to take (especially in the wet weather).


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