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914 Chalon Update


I wrote a bit about the arrival of our son Jett’s 1972 Porsche 914 Chalon.  Jett is anxiously awaiting his time to tear into the project.  Unfortunately that will have to wait a bit until dad, PorschePhd, has a spare moment and Jett has a break from school again.  However, Jett is heavily armed now with a Chilton 914 repair manual, a vintage car magazine from 1972 featuring the 914 and a book explaining the complete history of the 914.  Luckily for us Jett is a magnificent reader and spends his spare time carefuly perusing the pages of his manual and books and is taking it all in.

These pictures represent the delivery of the car and the first view under the body as well as a few other areas.  Jett is shown adjusting the mirror – he’s a very pretty, very vain little guy! 

dsc00597.JPG      dsc00601.JPG

dsc00602.JPG     dsc00604.JPG



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