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Our Latest EFI

Here’s a little update on Imagine’s latest EFI conversion: 1986 930 Turbo.
EFI bay.jpg dscn3730.jpg
Currently I have the old fuel block and ignition system removed, the new fuel rails & injectors installed, and the new ignition system in. The new rails are billet aluminum and utilize a Fuel Lab pressure regulator & steel-braided lines. The ignition system is composed of six MW dual coils controlled by an Autronic 500R CDI box mounted in the engine bay.
coils1.jpg dscn3715.jpg
My current focus is building the wiring harness for the ignition module and route it through the engine bay. Once that is completed the rest of the intake system and intercooler can be reinstalled, but not before a new turbo. All in all this EFI conversion is nearing it’s end, at least the mechanical aspect of it. Next comes the lengthy tuning process both on the dyno and on the street. Stay tuned for more on this car…


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