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996TT 3.8 Liter Engine Build with Gt35 Turbos

We do many things in a day, fabrication to services and everything in between. My days are filled with a million different hats, but one of my main daily activities is still building engines. This is a tale of a 996TT motor that has been through several stages with us and recently went under the knife for more goodies. The list includes Gt35 hybrids, 3.8 liter, Carrillo rods, SS head Studs. custom head gaskets, GT3RS oil pump and more. Originally the goal was to simply strengthen the internals. There are several weak points to the 996TT motor. Mainly in the area of head studs and rods. The rod bolds are generally the issue but we have begun to see car with 600 rear wheel HP suffer from rods that physically bend. The answer is a simple upgrade to a Pauder or Carrillo. Either setup will more than handle HP we will be throwing at it.  To build one of these motors is not as easy as it once was with the air-cooled brother. These motors require thousands of dollars of custom tools in additional a different thought process in general. The lower ends are similar considering the case is still a 964 case less the additional ports and holes for the oil return tubes. Beyond that all bets are off. Procedures are not the same, stretch bolts needing to be replaced and what once was Loctite 574 has turned in to Porsche approved silicone?! Every motor we assemble still under goes all the normal routine blue-printing and balancing. We have seen many issues with premature thrust issues and crank wear to cam tappet failure and cam lobe wear. It is our job to check and correct these errors as well as build the motor stronger than it left the factor so that additional HP can be found.

 I have attached a few build pictures to show the process.





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