Sometimes we get to play too……

Usually my track weekends are spent running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to stay on top of various car situations that may occur at the track, but once in awhile I get to play as well. Usually the only track time I get is going out for a quick troubleshooting run in a car, but this last weekend, I had some time to get my car out on the track. Friday afternoon was some light testing of the car, which turned up a sticking manual steering rack. By saturday morning, I had that fixed, and the car was ready to get a couple good days of running in, which were spent playing along with a few boxsters, 944 turbos, a 964 and a 993.

Lining up between a 968 and a 911SC race car.

Chasing down a 924 before the front straight

Coming up on a GT3 and a 944

Caught in the middle….

Even Val got to ride in one of our race cars…..

And of course you have to have a track dog…..

Coming on off a run……


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