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Oktoberfest Concours

dsc01242.jpgYesterday, Sunday, the Kansas City Area Mercedes Club of America hosted a German Oktoberfest and invited the BMW club, the VW club, the Audi club and last but not least, the Porsche club.  Stephen and I and our boys along with Karl and Val spent a beautiful afternoon gabbing with other car enthusiasts while showing off part of our own collection.  While the Mercedes’ were judged on their appearance, the rest of us were just there for fun which made it even more fun!

 I was showing off our 1976 911 S, Stephen the 2007 997TT, and Karl his 1986 951.  Our good friend Rob Dorrell brought out his 2008 BMW M5 – a gorgeous car.  The boys always have a fantastic time at these events – running around choosing their favorite cars, yelling “that one’s mine”!  They were actually very helpful by drawing a “for sale” sign to put on my ’76 911.  I’m still on the fence about whether or not I’m going to sell the car and I figured that if they wrote it people might not take it seriously and I could be non-committal about the sale.  However, the signs actually did draw an interested party. 

I’ve posted a few pictures to show the condition it’s in.  The motor that Stephen built however is why I’ve fallen in love with the car.  I’ve posted before that there is nothing like the quick acceleration and the deep, echoing sound as I’m heavy on the throttle.  As a comparison, the boys and I can always hear Stephen as he heads into our neighborhood about two blocks away.  On the other hand, Stephen was blowing the cobwebs out of my car on Saturday afternoon and he was on the other side of our large neighborhood, approximately 1/2 a mile away and you could hear it echoing through all the gears.  For a family of car nuts, that is quite a thrill!

dsc01272.jpg dsc01257.jpg dsc01265.jpg 

dsc01252.jpg dsc01270.jpg dsc01254.jpg

dsc01275.jpg dsc01253.jpg dsc01280.jpg


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