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Part II

[The future is bright…. Part II]
This past Sunday I spent my afternoon at the shop tearing out the E34’s stock suspension and installing all the new Lotec compontents. Though the springs will settle a bit lower after a few hundered miles I’m happy with the way it sits now. The car is much better in the corners as well, no more feeling like you’re at sea through the twisties. The front barely dips under braking compared to stock, but side-to-side body roll is still a bit much under hard cornering loads. A good set of sway bars and links would be a good combination with this Lotec suspension kit. Once the springs settle down a little lower I’ll be putting on some small spacers to step the wheels out slightly and fill the fenders.

dscn4024after.jpg A bit lower the speed shine test

As you can see in the pictures below there was pleanty of gap between the fenders & tires before. Also notice how the car sat much more level front to back.
In the mountains Wheel gap Speed shine test

For now the car will remain as it sits. I should have time in the next week or two to get the headlight assemblies painted/modified and the additional set of projectors I have for the high beams set in place as well. The ellipsoid low beam projector housings use an H1 bulb compared to the 9006-style bulbs the current HID setup I have is made for. So I’ll be moving the 9006 HID system to the fog lights and will be picking up another 6500K set to fit the new H1 projector headlamps. Details on that with pictures soon.

It may not seem like much now but this car has come a long way…
A snowy Cinco de Mayo
…and still has a long way to go. It’s not even fast yet!


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