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A look back over the last few years…..

I was looking through the hard drive tonight of all my hundreds of pictures that I have taken around the shop in the last few years, and thought you guys might enjoy seeing how time changes around here.

Outside the old shop. 2 bays and a small engine room:

With a future engine builder?

Yea…maybe not

Some of the original inhabitants of Imagine Auto

Sometimes bad things……….

Turn into good things…..

Buildings get outgrown, and new ones get built….

And sometimes you wonder if you built it big enough…..

Sometimes newbies forget to install the drain plug……

And sometimes, someone is making a house out of your toy

If you work with a bunch of Porsche guys, buying a Camaro will lead to a lot of punishment…..

And sometimes good ideas, might not be such good ideas after all…..

Leaving you with a little something special……..

Ok maybe something better 😉


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