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Revenge of the Creature

I said there would be a sequel and the creature is back.  The first round of pictures were scary, but we have dissected the creature and captured even more frightening pictures.  

Oil pump pulley… this should have been replaced .  (below)

Two different length bolts… I think I would have done something different here, too.

Oh yeah, it was also on backwards.  Oops.  (the cam should be in that recess)

The rocker shafts were all centered in the housing, not centered with the arm.  According to the factory repair manual, your shaft should sit approximately flush with the outside edge of the camshaft case,  (thinner bearing support side of casting),  green arrow.  If it’s too far in, it won’t be centered on the shaft and when tightened will expand inside of the rocker causing the rocker not to move.  Surprisingly, the rockers were in good shape.  It was close.



See something wrong in this picture?  (hint: compression ring, towards top of piston)

Another.  Four pistons had broken rings.

A quick measurement of the head studs.  134mm?

131mm?  OK, let’s be scientific for the benifit of the doubt, 132mm.  Eyeballing is not a technical term I’ve seen in the manual and also not how I’d want MY engine built.  There isn’t much room for error, as you can see, there aren’t a lot of threads.

 Removing the head studs and replacing with ARP Racing head studs.

Metal pieces.


A little cleaner and ready to rebuild.

Some of the parts removed won’t be going back in.

Checked some specs and added some new seals and new timing chains.

Some new nuts and glue!

ARP headstuds and freshened rods.


Stay tuned, we’ll be back with more pictures.


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