Audios turbos.

We see a lot of turbos… A LOT!  We don’t see a lot of turbos like the ones that arrived here in a customer’s Audi A6.  In fact, we just about never see turbos like the ones I pulled from this Audi.  The car was brought to us on a trailer.  I pulled it in to the shop, to swap out the the turbos for some new ones, and couldn’t believe the amount of oil it left in the parking lot.  I think I could have put 5 quarts in the car and I would have just completed a personal record for ‘my fastest oil change ever’.  But, I still have to change the turbos and that takes a little more time than just an oil change. 

When you open the hood you don’t really see any turbos.  When you raise the car on the lift you still don’t really see any turbos.  They are in there and you can see them when you start to remove some things.  When you remove the engine from the car you can attempt to remove and replace.  Like I said, it takes a little more time. 

This is a lot of work and a lot of expensive parts and that means a lot of $.  The owner figured he’d turn lemons into lemonade and we’re replacing what’s left of his K03 turbos with RSK04 units (Europe only RS4 spec).  The clutch and pressure plate will also be brought up to RS4 spec.  In fact, the RSK04 turbo kit produces 440 hp and 420 torque on pump fuel as tested on the chassis dyno, with full torque available as low as 2900 rpms. 

 Who even cares about horsepower?  Forget lemonade, I’m blogging this for the carnage! 

 This is a picture of one of the old turbos, still on the car (below).  The next picture is one of the new turbos, for comparison.

 The nub in the last picture, that is almost in the center of the turbo,  should look like a little more like this.

The turbo spit some of it’s guts in to the inlet pipe.

More guts in the intercoolers.  We’re replacing these and a lot of the tubing.

What a mess!  There are pieces everywhere.  More guts…

… the other side of the turbo, but where are the guts?

 Ah, yes, the cat ate them!  I say that laughingly, but the catalytic converters, exhaust, O2 sensors, intercoolers… well, alot of expensive parts will need to be replaced.  Ouch. 


Oops, we’ll need some kitty litter…

 There were at least a half dozen of these puddles leading in to the shop, from pulling the car in.

Out with the old…

… in with the new.

I changed the oil (for real this time) and turned the motor over several times to run the oil pump and flush out the oil lines to the turbo.  We didn’t want to run metal peices through the brand new turbos.  We also used a small scope (with a light at the tip) throught the spark plug holes, in to the cylinders to check for wear on the cylinder walls.

OEM RS4 part numbers.  Larger inlet pipes to fit the new turbos.

Chillin’ on the operatin’ table.

Turbos and inlet pipes installed.

Removing the transmission to install new RS4 clutch kit.

Oops, no clutch!  The motor will be hanging out on the table for a bit while we wait for our RS4 clutch.



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