CNC takes off……

It has been a lot of work, but our in house CNC machine is ready to start cutting. What is a CNC machine? CNC stands for computer numerical control, which in short means a really cool tool controlled by a computer and software programming, which is used to make items out of blocks of certain material (in our case, aluminum). What can a CNC machine do? Well, it can create custom products such as our 911, 964, and 993 upper and lower valve covers. It also will make brackets for mounting our superchargers in our Boxster kits. Turbo adapters, diverter valves, EFI wheels….the possibilities are endless.

We don’t like to use fancy words around here, so we named our machine Steve.

Steve is a Fadal 3016 vertical machining center that weighs 8,300 pounds (Steve likes to eat cookies and is very sensitive about his weight…so no jokes), and has a working envelope size of 30″x20″x16″…..plenty big enough for us to build hundreds of robots to take over the world.

In the above picture, you can see Steve started out by cutting a solid square block of aluminum. Currently Steve has cut away enough material to make an octagon appear. This was a test piece to check how tight our tolerances are……and they are very tight! Next Steve will cut a circle to check that path.

If Steve could talk, he would say something lame like…..the valve cover was always in the block of aluminum, I just cut away the pieces.

Stay tuned for more “action” pictures as Steve chips away the pieces.


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