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What do you drive?

Not only do we modify customer’s cars, but we of course also own and modify our own Porsches, VW’s, and BMW’s (With the occasional Range Rover….but he is a little off anyhow..). When I am not working on customer’s cars, I do actually find a little time to work on my own. I’ve had my 86 944 Turbo for about 5 years now, and it has been a constant work in progress. It started out as a sad, neglected car, with more duct tape holding things together than I really want to admit to.

Pictures are always deceiving…..the poor thing leaked so much oil and coolant, it was hard to even drive.

From humble beginnings, it spent a lot of time in the old garage on jackstands….(a few weeks after buying it, it broke the timing belt, which had just been done by the previous owner….only he forgot to put all the rollers back in…)

It started out as a completely stock car, but is far from it today. Every winter has been a major project, from body modification, to rebuilding the engine.

From here:

To here:

The car has turned into an RS themed 944. Currently it comes in under 2800lbs and makes 290rwhp/280rwtq.

Some of the modifications the car has gone through.

Motor rebuild with some minor head work, currently running a stock K26/6 Turbo.

Full AC Delete

Full Manual Steering Conversion

Vitesse Maf with software

Cruise Delete

968 M030 front and rear sway bars

Custom IA Clutch setup

Short Shifter

GT3 Carbon Back Seats

IA Billet shift knob

Harness bar with 6 point harnesses

Rear Seat Delete

Custom IA RS Door Panels

S2 Transaxle

Cup Style Wheels, 17×8 front, 17×9.5 rear. The old phone dials have been painted white and serve as track wheels now. There might be a set of 10 spoke 99617″ rims laying around as well…..just maybe.

Headlight washers and sidemarkers filled to Euro Spec front bumper

Custom IA shaved rear Euro bumper

Bilstein HD Struts and Shocks. 28mm torsion bars in the rear, and currently modifying bilstein struts for 400lb coilover springs in the front

EVC IV Electronic Boost Controller

Custom Lloyd’s floor mats

Pioneer DVD/Nav system

Fabspeed 3″ exhaust, downpipe back….

Tial 38mm Dual Port Wastegate

Carbon Fiber Strut Bar

Custom Fuel Lines

3 Bar FPR, soon to be adjustable

Odyssey lightweight battery conversion

Clear turn signals

Cup Center Console

930S Steering wheel

2″ VDO boost gauge mounted in a 968 center cubby (with some slight modifications)

Uh, what it doesn’t have is the license plate you see, lol.

There isn’t a single area of the car that hasn’t been replaced with the exception of the fuel tank and the dash….which may be this winter’s project. What else is next? Oh who knows, I am a spur of the moment guy….maybe a full headlight delete, replaced by euro driving lights, IA K26/7200 turbo, bigger downpipe……you’ll have to wait and see.

So there you have it….we don’t just work on the cars, we have a passion for them as well…..

You may want to contact IA about a larger turbo for your 930, 996TT, or a supercharger for your Boxster or 996/997…..it would be a shame for a little 944 to go flying by you at the track……..or on the street 😉


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