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Cayman facelift

To most the Cayman has slipped into Porsche’s line-up unnoticed, blending into the overwhelming crowd of boxters. Let’s be honest, the boy racer bumpers and pint sized duck tail spoiler don’t exactly command respect. However there is hope. Like one of our recent customers, many Cayman owners are choosing to give their cars a more serious look. This cayman got the full 997 GT3 treatment consisting of fiberglass bumpers and side skirts.
before3.jpg before2.jpg before1.jpg
Anybody who has installed fiberglass parts knows that it’s going to take a lot of work to fit correctly and match the body lines of the car. This particular kit was no exception. Each of the bumpers were quite a task to fit, while the side skirts were a bit easier to work with. A lot of sanding with a bit of modification and the kit was ready for paint.
shrouds.jpg harness.jpg
A few things needed to be done with the OEM parts that remain from the stock bumpers. First thing was the wiring harness for the front bumper. After removal, it needed to be routed through and secured to the new GT3 style bumper. The new Carrera turn signal/fog light housings take up a lot more space than the original Cayman fog lights which presented a few problems. Having a radiator on either side of the nose meant that the shrouds which direct air into the radiators needed to be modified to fit the Carrera light units. A few options were available: Shorten the lights themselves, cut a hole in the shrouds for the lights to set back into, or use a heat gun and form the shrouds to the lights. We chose to use the heat gun and avoid cutting all together.
after2.jpg after3.jpg after4.jpg after1.jpg
In the end the car turned out very nice. This style body kit is a great choice for these cars, it really separates them from the boxters and looks like it means business. Even though it is still just a Cayman.


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