Slap happy popcockiness.

The way I figure it is, if you’re at this blog, you’re at work looking for a way to waste some time.  Or you own an Audi that used it’s turbos as projectile missiles, trying to wage war against your engine and were guided here to view the carnage.  If time wasting is what you seek, then sit back and waste away.  If not, move on.  If you choose to click the video link, you can’t say, “Wow, there goes 10 minutes of my otherwise super, exciting life I’ll never get back”.  Basically, don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Take a tour of the shop, the cars and some horseplay(video only) by way of video and pics .

Click here for video. 

Front view, from the parking lot.



Entrance view if you’re a bird.  Birds and chipmunks have made their way in for a visit in the past.

A view in to the zoo.


The shop.  That’s Chuck, keeping it real clean.

Engine room.


The sign says it all.


Kaspar’s office.  Notice the “What the hell are you doing?” look.  He has a right to be afraid, that poor man’s head has been photochopped onto more images than I can count and I can count to 18 without using my toes.


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