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A few updates

Back in October I posted about our latest EFI conversion project, a 1986 930 Turbo. Since then much progress has been made. After clearing up a few issues with timing, wiring, and other delays the car is now completely wired and running. This car being a twelve-plug waste-spark ignition system with six dual-ended coils led to a bit of confusion when it came to the layout of the wiring harness, but a call to Autronic and a few modified wiring diagrams later and we were in business.


Other work has been done recently including fabrication of an air intake extension pipe and oxygen sensor port in the exhaust. The intake pipe is an extension of the factory turbo inlet pipe, allowing the use of a big K&N cone filter in the back of the engine bay. On the exhaust side of the turbo I pulled off the muffler and welded in an oxygen sensor port for use during the tuning process.

Another car had some more work done and that’s the yellow Cayman from last week. This time around we pulled the front bumper back off for a few changes. First off was replacing the Cayman factory wiring harness with that of a 997 Carrera for use with the new Carrera fog light/turn signal assemblies. While that was taking place I pulled out the mesh grill inserts and painted them all black. The grills looked much better in black but the areas behind the center and lower openings were still yellow so those got the black paint treatment as well.


Once the front was back together it was onto other things. In the back of the car was a set of factory taillights with the fully red lenses where even the turnsignal and reverse light sections have a deep red tint. These lights add a pretty classy, uniform look to the back of the car and install in just minutes with an 8m wrench.


It seems this front bumper is catching attention too. Yesterday we received another 997 GT3 bumper for a different customer’s Cayman. This bumper is from a different manufacturer than the above and has a few differences. One difference being that this bumper is made directly form a mold of the actual 997 bumper and appears to be very accurate down to the tow hook hole. Another difference is this bumper and lip spoiler are two seperate pieces, allowing the use of any factory or aftermarket lip made to fit a 997 GT3.



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