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January Blahs Turns into January Ahhhs

By iaRoxy 

If you are like most, coming down off of the year end Holiday high and into the first month of the new year can be almost depressing.  Back to your normal work routine, workout schedule, parties and gatherings seems to be non-existent – what is there to look forward to?  ImagineAuto is here to help pull you through.

Beginning January 1 and running through January 31st our blog, Imagine Nation, will feature a different personal IA favorite automobile every day.  The feature will include pictures, factory specs, modification information, post modification specs (if applicable), any other fun facts or stories associated with the particular car and then a daily product highlight and special that will be good through January 31st.  While we love our Porsches not all stories will feature that glorious make.  Expect a wide variety of makes including BMW, Audi, VW, Lamborghini and more.  You already know we are infatuated with cars and could spend all day talking about them.  Take a few minutes out of each of your January days and share the passion and maybe even get a good deal on the products you need to finish up your winter project.

Bookmark now and forward to your friends!  www.imagineauto.wordpress.com

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