January 2: 2002 Blown Boxster S

There are people that buy a Boxster simply because it has Porsche badges on it.  The owner of this Boxster isn’t one of them.  He’s an enthusiast and knew there was much more to be gained in terms of esthetics, handling and power.  I’ve owned quite a few cars and as an enthusiast, I can’t leave them stock for long myself.  In fact, sometimes when I’m done, there isn’t much left stock.  A lot of the time when I’m “done” it’s for sale and I’m looking for something new.  For guys like us, most of fun is building the car.  That’s what makes building cars like this Boxster more fun for us than others.  We did just about everything you would do to a Boxster to this one. What makes it even more memorable is that almost every step, from transforming the car, to taking the photos used in the Imagine Auto ad seen in magazines, was done by someone at Imagine Auto.  If there was ever any interest in making a t.v. show and calling it “Pimp My Porsche”, this car would be the outcome of an episode.



The list of mods starts with an adjustable coil-over suspension, strut braces, braided stainless steel brake lines, front and rear H&R strut braces, wheel spacers, bumpers, aero wing, side skirts, Speedster tonneau covers, short shifter, stainless steel high flow headers and muffler.  We finished it up with one of our supercharger kits.  If I owned this Boxster and was only doing one modification, this would be the mod.  Without it, this car is only a sheep in wolf’s clothing.  After staying with us for a few months, it was quite dusty, so we gave it a full detail inside and out, we took it behind the shop for some glamour shots.  Then, it was time for goodbyes and we sent it back home to its lucky owner.   

boxster2.jpg  boxster3.jpg 

boxster4.jpg  boxster5.jpg

boxster6.jpg  boxster7.jpg 



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