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January 3: 965 Turbo 3.6

It’s not every day one gets to see a 965. You would be even more lucky if you saw one as rare as this.
Owned by a long time customer of Steven’s, this car has gone through countless modifications, three engine builds, and finally converted to EFI. All of which has led the car to now make over 520hp to the rear wheels.
under_the_avant.jpg with_lopes.jpg frwheel.jpg

Those numbers didn’t exactly come easily though. Throughout the lengthy tuning process a timing issue and a high-RPM power loss kept the car from it’s full potential. We ended up switching a few sensor pick-ups around and modified the flywheel accordingly, making for smooth, accurate power delivery. Before any of that could take place a number of areas required some fabrication. A custom turbo-to-intercooler pipe was made for the new turbo, as well as a wastegate pipe to match the muffler side of the exhaust. The turbo also needed an intake. We fitted a pipe and cone filter which brings in air from high up in the driver’s side wheel well. To provide the filter with fresh, cool air we modified the inner wheel well to allow air to flow through. In order to prevent water and debris from contacting the filter a fine screen was molded into the back side of the wheel well.

flywheel.jpg turbo.jpg intakevent.jpg

This car isn’t all engine either. Inside is a pair of black suede Recaro seats with a matching steering wheel (wheel not pictured). Also fitted are RS door cards under which the doors are covered in Dynomat, as well as the rear deck. While the door panels and rear deck were out of the car we installed a complete MB Quart component speaker system. In the Luggage compartment we made a mounting plate for the amplifier, which is tucked away inside the spare. A carpeted panel then folds down over the amp and spare tire, closing them off from the rest of the trunk.

doors_open.jpg interior.jpg phildoorsps.jpg

trunkafter1.jpg rear_lift.jpg over_the_997.jpg

Overall this car is one of my favorites that we’ve worked with. It’s classy, tastefully modified, and above all it’s fast.


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