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Jan 6th, 996TT build Xs 3

Often times people don’t understand why we would want to make our fast cars faster. Often my response is if I had to explain you just wouldn’t understand. Then there are the cars that get faster and better and faster yet. This is a tale of a 996TT that came to us as stock as it was the day it rolled off the show room floor. This car has been with us 3 or 4 times. I have actually lost count. Being in CO the run over to have the car transported is a rather short one, after all we are neighbors. We had several visits with this car many years ago and did some basic body modifications. TA II nose, skirts, 640 GT power upgrade kit and a GT tail. We set the car on a set of PSS9s to smooth and stabilize the ride. We sent it back to Paul and he kept it a year and decided that the car was fast, but always room for improvement. So in it came again for another round of changes. This time we were to rebuild the engine, install injectors, fuel lines, enlarge the throttle body and Y pipe and install turbo inlets. In addition to this we also were addressing the tranny. This spotless car was not immune from the 2nd gear pop out. So we change out the tranny with a new OEM 6 speed, this time supporting LSD. We also fitted a stronger clutch, short throw and a roll bar for safety proposes.  Not only did we add a bar, we painted it to actually match the interior color 100%/  Lastly the car received 380MM big brakes and 6 piston calipers on the front to make sure that the car could stop as well as it did everything else.











The motor received our normal upgrades, a full blue print and balanced motor, updated Pauder Rods and rod bolts, Custom Head studs and custom valve springs and a GT3RS oil pump. These motors take no less than 60 hours to build and this motor was no exception. Each motor is then broken in gently for the first 500 miles to allow the rings to seat. We have built so many turbos motors that we have discovered that a moderate amount of time on the bearings and a nice blast through 2-3-4 gears the rings will seat immediately to the cylinders. If they do not they never will and chances are you did something wrong.

A little later we fitted racing BBS wheels and PS tires to thecar to finsh off the look. Finally Paul, myself and the crew had agreed the look of the car was complete.wheels4.jpg


 Last summer Karl and I made a house call to see this blue steed and install another round of mods. In four hours we installed new intercoolers and a new MAF upgrade and updated the software. The rest of the time was spent testing the car using the mountains of Colorado as the best back drop in the world!


cimg0950.jpgIf out of all the cars I have built could have equaled, rivaled or even was better than my own 996TT back in the day it was this one. This without a question is THE nicest TT I have worked on and built and it has grown with us and our buiness. Enjoy the pics, it has been a great ride building this steed and will no doubt bring many years of smiles to Paul and his boy.


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