January 7th: 2000 996 C4 Supercharged

You know the 997 C2S that we talked about a few days ago? Well, meet his neighbor. These two have gone back and forth with modifications like the Hatfields and McCoys. One will add something, and the next week the neighbors car will be in our shop for something new…..it’s just how it goes.

This is a car that we started off doing basic maintenance to, then the owner decided he wanted to take some larger leaps into the performance world.

We started off by supercharging the car, adding a full Fabspeed exhaust, IA short throw shifter, Stage I clutch, clear side markers, Getty rear wing, and a narrow body 996 turbo look front bumper.

This was good for a little while, until the owner realized that while the power output was great, he found it was a little hard to go through the turns at the track. Our solution was a JIC full coilover suspension kit, which also resulted in lowering the car about 1.5″.

Once the good doctor got the car back out on the track, he realized that the power delivery was fantastic, the cornering and handling was now exceptional…..with one problem…..the car cornered so well, it really tossed him around in the seat. So we decided that a harness bar and 5 point harnesses were in order. This would keep him securely in place.

Our next modification was a bit euro……as in powdercoated gold Kinesis K28R rims.

After a little mishap with a curb in a parking lot, we had to pick a new bumper for the car. Being one of the top plastic surgeons in the KC area, the doctor wanted his car to stand out. So we went all out. We went with a new front bumper, side skirts, and turbo look rear bumper.

After it was all done, this is what we were left with……


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