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January 8: 1986 930 Turbo

In the past several months one of our major projects here at Imagine has been our latest EFI conversion car. Though this car may not stand out in a crowd of sleek, brightly colored modern exotics this 930 Turbo is a special car, and a classic in every sense of the word. This car has some history as well. Being one of the first engines Stephen built under the Imagine Auto name, this customer has brought his car back to us for more.
boxed-in.jpg engine-complete.jpg through-window.jpg
From an entirely new, hand built wiring harness, to the electronically controlled fuel injection system, this car has undergone some serious changes in the name of performance. Engine management tasks and maps are controlled by non-other than an Autronic SM4 unit. These units are regarded by many as the finest in engine management systems on the market today. In addition to the SM4 unit, a separate unit was needed to control the complex 12-plug ignition system. An Autronic 500R CDI ignition module was mounted to the driver’s side of the engine bay. This unit uses information from the SM4, such crankshaft & camshaft positions to precisely activate each of the six M&W dual-output ignition coils. The coil packs required mounting plates and brackets to be fabricated. These plates allow the coils to be neatly arranged in the back of the engine bay between the shock towers.
harness.jpg 500r.jpg coils1.jpg


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