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January 10th: 1986 944 Turbo

back to our regularly scheduled program:

Up next is a 1986 944 Turbo PCA F Class Club Racer (Soon to be E class due to class changes).  This one of those stories of a woman having a car stuck away in the back of her barn because her husband had passed away 5 years before, and so the car sat in the barn collecting dust.  By chance the new owner found out about the car and we went to see if it were real or not.  Well it was real, and for a song, we loaded up the car on a trailer to resurrect it back to it’s former PCA club racing days.  After a few weeks of getting the car back up to par in terms  of maintenance, it headed to the track.  After running many various DE events last year in the midwest, this car will be ready to run its first PCA club race this year with it’s new owner.

What is a stock class 944 Turbo? The idea of stock class  is to keep most of your modifications  to a minimum.  For instance, you are not allowed to alter the engine or turbo in anyway, but intake and exhaust/headers are free to be changed.  Suspension and wheels are free to change, but body panels, interior panels (dash, trim, etc) must stay as from the factory.  You must retain things like AC, stock brakes, etc.  In the interior you must run an approved rollcage, and approved racing seats, harnesses, window nets, etc.  There is a specific weight the car and driver must be over, so this keeps from stripping the cars like a full  blown race car would be.

This car runs  Bilstein Cup coilover, Fabcar control arms, and weltmeister front and rear sway bars.

At the track checking weight:

If you  are out attending DE’s and Club Races with the PCA this year in the midwest, you will probably see us out there.  Stop by and say hi!


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