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January 12th: Gemballa Extremo


911.jpg 993-005.jpg dscf0026.jpg 

Looks like the prostesting has subsided (see blogs below) so back to business… 

 Way back in April of 2002 a young entrepreneur “John” from Florida found IA and shared his dream of converting his 1987 911 Carrera naturally aspirated factory widebody cab into a look-alike 1998 Gemballa Extremo.  Along with the new look of the car John was looking for mad power.  During this time, the legend of Phd’s 930 “Monster” ran rampant.  This 800+ horsepower machine set the standard for what many other street racers craved.  John desired to drive a smaller version of Monster; and so the project was proposed.  Since we are called “Imagine”Auto, the dream was nothing but a challenge to Phd and the game was on!

For Performance:

Using a used 1991 C2 Turbo motor as the base, the motor received new rod bolts, rod bearings, resurfaced cyliner head set with performance 5 angle and twin plugging, new racing valves, JE pistons, new gasket sets, SC sport grind cams, new pressure plate with spring center and release bearing, timing chain, chain rail, new turbo oil lines, rocker shaft o-rings, racing fuel pump and more.  New RSR coilovers, Eibach springs, Big Red Turbo brakes, all new air conditioner components including condenser, drier, and lines.  Magnacore intake wires, exhaust wires, custom crank trigger kit with modified serpentine pulley, 6-cyl HPX ignition coils, fuel lines hoses and fittings with 2 bar Map sensor.  The car came stock with 220hp and left with 490hp and 500ft lbs of tq.  Extremely satisfying!

For Looks:

The Carrera was fitted with Extremo front fenders, rear Turbo S quarters with air ducts, GA rockers, Turbo S rear bumper, Turbo S front bumper, 993 rear deck lid with 3.6 RS-3 wing with 3rd brake light.  A front bumper light kit with S4 projectors/ducts was added with European turn signals and clear fog lamps.  Tear drop style Aero electric mirrors were also installed along with Ruf pedal and footrest sets.  A new folding Cabriolet top was required along with all the rubber seals and trim pieces.  A conversion to a 200mph speedometer was put in place in order to monitor the increased power and a manual boost gauge was mounted in the vent.  No interior is complete without a stereo system that will outperform the noise from the added horsepower.  A sound pad was installed along with a Rockford Fosgate amp and Cascade engineering subwoofer.  Turbo script door sills and a silver Porsche crest finished off the new look. 

Countless hours and detail work went into this transformation.  This project was the pride and joy of ImagineAuto and John for years to come.  Ironically, last summer John contacted Phd to find out if he would be a broker and sell his car on his behalf.  Knowing Phd performed the work he was the likely suspect when it came to being able also sell it intelligently.  The car arrived from Florida and as soon as it was driven off the truck, Phd fell back in love. 

Needless to say, this Gemballa Extremo is now in our garage.  Still full of amazing performance this car is a blast to run through the gears.  In need of a little exterior TLC, the car sat in the Florida sea air for too long, the car is still as it left IA 6 years ago. 

Any questions about this car, your own conversion or interested in adding it to your collection?  Please drop us an email – questions@imagineauto.com we love to talk cars.

johnrmotor-001.jpgengine.jpg crankprep.jpg

dscf0106.jpg motorii-007.jpgdscf0198.jpg







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