January 16th: American Muscle Boss 302

Win on Sunday, sell on Monday was a popular slogan in the 60’s. With Ford and Chevrolet competing heavily in the SCCA and Trans-American race series, the battle between the two companies was intense. With Ford having won the 67 and 68 series, Chevrolet battled back in ’68 with the release of the Z28 Camaro which took the TransAm series in 68. With Ford desperate to reclaim the series, the built a new engine for the Mustang, coined the BOSS 302. The Boss was a 302 tunnel port block with 351 Cleveland heads. Since SCCA rules stated that the companies had to sell to the public what they raced, the BOSS 302 became an available option in 1969. While Ford did not win the series in 1969, they did win in 1970 with the 302 setup.

This is a customer’s factory original 1970 Boss Mustang with IIRC, about 35k miles. Everything is original as it came from the factory, including the factory installed rev limiter. A Holley 780 cfm 4 barrel carburetor, high rise aluminum intake manifold, and Cleveland 351 heads were the key to this powerplant, which was underrated at roughly 280hp. A toploader 4 speed transmission, power front brakes, rolled fenders, and a competition suspension rounded it out. While this is all very archaic by today’s technological advances, in it’s day, this car ruled the streets.


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