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January 17: Porsches, Ferraris and Sakers, oh my!

Let me be the first to throw a monkey wrench into what would otherwise be a great flow of marvelous machines!  Being a monkey myself, a grease monkey, I won’t be commuting to work tomorrow in a Stradale.  I’ll be putting in to work in something a bit more practical.  You see, I’ve been sorta busy doing my part to finish a machine that will more than likely make it’s onto our blog shortly.  Until then, I’ll have to tide you over with something a little more boring.  

A say “a little more boring” because my 2007 VW GTI won’t be drawing huge crowds at our Spring Car Thing annual iA car show this April.  But with 300 ft. lbs. of torque at 2000 rpm and 270 hp coming from it’s 2.0 turbo, the police know better.  With that kind of silly power on tap we can’t have a GTI get together without the police showing up to make sure we ain’t misbehavin’…

“I told you so.”

When I first brought the car home it was only making 200 hp and 207 ft lb torque peaking at 1800 rpm straight outta the box… 

We didn’t waste any time modding it, though.  The first round of mods were an intake, GIAC flash, 3 inch stainless steel turbo back exhaust, Bilstein PSS9 coil-overs and 18 inch RH Cup wheels.  Some smoked front blinkers, smoked mirror turn signals and front lip spoiler cleaned up the outside.


Before PSS9s:

RH Cups and PSS9s installed:

Crazy graffiti lizard thing approved:

At home with his 385 hp older brother, 1991 supercharged VR6 GTI.


Hmm, I think the next mod needs to be smoked tail lights!


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