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January 18th: Porsche 993 C2

Not just one 993, how about 2? This week has been busy with PPI’s. What is a PPI? PPI stands for Pre (note the pre…and not post) Purchase Inspection. A PPI is usually requested by an interested buyer of any given automobile before a sale is completed. The owner will typically drop the car off at the shop, we will give it the rundown, then inform the potential buyer of our findings. This is a contract between the buyer and the shop, since the buyer is typically the one paying for the inspection, and no one else is privy to the information. There are usually a couple of levels of PPI’s, the most basic includes a general inspection of the car, making sure everything functions as it should, check for body damage, previous maintenance clues, etc. The most indepth PPI includes leakdown and compression tests on the engine to determine the internal health of the motor.

2 of the many PPI’s I performed this week were on two different 1995 993’s. The polar silver 993 came in with 189k miles, but I soon found out that the car had been very well cared for, and you would never be able to guess the mileage. Sure it needs some basic maintenance items, but the entire car checked out great. My PPI’s include an extensive written report with pictures of all areas of the car that I email to the buyer, then a phone call to discuss said report.

The new owner of this 993 is flying in from Chicago tomorrow to pick up his new toy, as he was pleased with the results and came to a final price with the seller.

Leakdown test on one of the cylinders. Tested at 100psi, leakdown is roughly 3%

The other 95, was a Guards Red C2 with 78k original miles. A very good looking car as well.


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