January 20th: Porsche 937

If you have ever looked for aftermarket body parts for your 944 or 924, you have probably seen this next car in GT Racing’s catalog. This is IARoxy’s 937 that PorschePhD built for her, starting with a 1981 924 Turbo.

For starters, the engine was rebuilt to Euro 8:5:1 spec using a 939 headgasket and ARP hardware. A 937 intercooler was sourced, and a 3 inch header back exhaust with Tial wastegate were installed. This put the hp around the 245 mark.

The interior was completely restored back to new, with the seats repaired and re-dyed, new carpet installed, and a few other goodies.

The body work was extensive. Parts were sourced through Europe and Porsche, and handcrafted as well. The required stickers were no longer available, so they had to be reproduced. The rear fenders were cut to allow larger wheels, and the widebody fenders were installed. The NACA duct was installed in the hood to mate up with the 937 intercooler. The inner fender wells were hand fabricated from aluminum and installed in place. The lower rocker panels were actually converted from a 944, trimmed, then welded in place on the 937. The headlight buckets took extensive work to pull off, and actually used some….GM parts. Fuchs wheels round off the look.

Eventually the car was sold to make room for other projects, but it continues to win concours events in the midwest.


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