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January 24th: 997TT, or Swamp Monster?

When this car showed up on transport from Canada, my jaw almost hit the ground. Not only from the fact that this car came down on an open car carrier, but apparently the driver had been caught in a snow storm, and well….you can see how the car looked. It was so bad, I wasn’t even sure how I could wash it safely, especially with temperatures here in Kansas below zero the last couple mornings. Why was it here? For a few things: PSS10 coilover suspension for damptronic cars (PASM), fog lights, and to fix the bad factory welds in the rear. It seems some of Porsche’s spot welds from the factory were not so good, and new owners would suffer a squeak in the rear end under slow speeds, such as pulling into their driveways……on a $140,000 car! Needless to say, we were one of the first shops to bring this (and the fix) to Porsche’s attention after suffering it on PorschePhD’s own 997TT.

After some thought and preperation, the car was carefully rinsed of road goo, and I actually found what I was looking for…a 997TT!. Once clean, I pulled the rear bumper to check the spot welds, slapped on the suspension, got it aligned, new fog lights, and it is ready to head back north eh.


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