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January 25th: 996TT – The High Roller

I actually just spent an hour writing a really excellent blog on my old 1981 924T/ 937 Replica then realized that PorscheDoc already introduced you to her about a week ago.  My bad.  So I’ll try again with another one of my favorites.

PorschePhd’s 996TT was the car that really turned the corner for ImagineAuto bringing the new era of Porsche performance into the picture of our already long history of 911 Turbos.  You’ve most likely read about this car on the website and in Excellence Magazine, European Car, Modified Luxury and Exotics, etc. etc.  So you know the drill – it is a Speed Yellow, 2001 996TT, dynoed at 716HP and a phenomenal 705TQ; with an Imagine650 Stage IVGT kit, Garrett turbos with some internal work, GTII intercoolers, Custom Billet Blow off Valves, K&N slip filter and StageII Fabspeed muffler and cat system.  The car has since been sold – of course – but we still own bragging rights.

What I want to share with you today however are pictures of the car when it was all decked out for the HighRoller Shootout that took place in Las Vegas, November 2004.  This was a one of a kind testosterone-charged event designed solely for the purpose of bragging rights and this modified 996TT did not let anyone down.  To be perfectly honest I don’t remember the actual results of the event – sorry, I know that’s such a girl thing to say.  But I do know IA was well represented by Phd’s 996TT.  Placing mid to top in every event except braking – apparently the brakes were very big and impressive but not as effective in quick stopping as some of the others.  In grand Phd style, he spent quite a bit of his time assisting fellow competitors with car issues.  Even in competition the doctor gives and gives.  Enjoy the pics!



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