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Jan 27th…A different turbo….Carrera?

In 1974 Porsche had undergone many changes to comply with emissions and continue their quest for better technology and faster cars. The 1974 Carrera was introduced along side the 911S with the same power plant but supported Carrera flares which were later put on all production 911’s starting in 1978. The car also received the well known duck tail, Carrera script down the side and 7 and 8 inch fuchs.  All these options were not found on the normal 911 nor the S. The limited production Carrera was no longer available after 1975 during this generation of 911.  

I had received a phone call from a customer who had explained that he had a 74 European racing orange Carrera. It had been fitted with a nice 3.2 race motor and had spent a lot of time on the track but simply wasn’t enough for even the most mild of cars being build today. When asked what his options were I answered with my normal retort….stick a turbo on it. That is exactly what we did. We sourced a 3.0 motor that had been mildly massaged and added headers, SC cams, custom oil sump plate, SS muffler, port work, HPX digital ignition, K27 7200 and a 1 bar spring. Because the original duck talk would not accommodate the space of the intercooler we had to also add a 930 tail.

Since this car spent a better part of its life on the track one should understand the car weighs about 2200 lbs with driver and gas. The motor made a modest 430HP which gives you a power to weight ratio of 5.8 that means for every 5.8 lbs you have 1 HP. My 997TT for comparison is around 6.5-7(stock). Mated to a very short ratio 5 speed tranny this car would easily find a 11-12 quarter time on its worst day and chase down a stock TT down the straight of Road America!

This car still trolls KC and Wichita so if you think your car is fast, give it a shot….Admission is free!








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