January 29th: White Noise


I tend to favor the older Porsche styling over the modern. Back when the 996 first made it’s debut I thought the company was heading in the wrong direction. What happened to the big round headlights, the wide tails, and the taillights stretching from side to side? I just didn’t agree with it. The car still had the classic 911 shape, but it didn’t have a familiar face. Over time I grew to appreciate the 996 design though, and all the little details Porsche used as a throw back to past generations. 

doorway.jpg lined-up.jpg powered.jpg

If there is one car that changed the way I look at the 996 it’s this one. It’s not just the pure white paint and the flawless tan leather interior with matching racing seats, or the carbon tail and the black BBS wheels. It’s the fact that it’s built to make over 800hp, and reach speeds well over 200mph too.

dscn4251.jpg dscn4277.jpg dscn4280.jpgwing.jpg interior1.jpg with-saker.jpg


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