Another weekend @ Imagine

No weekend is complete until you do a little wrenching on the car. Last weekend I devoted my time to the Mini, and left mine out in the cold. I promised I’d help out on the Mini once more and like always, it was a good time. This time the project was to put a little brit back in the black box. Most mini’s aren’t all one color, instead the roof is usually painted another color or has a pattern on it. Having not owned a mini with a union jack up top before, we decided this would be good candidate. above.jpgThe whole thing is actually a vinyl decal that has to be applied in separate pieces . Needless to say there was a lot of measuring and taping involved. A little patience, a lot of soapy water, and some heat gun action amounted to a pretty nice turn out.  face2face.jpgHere are a few mini’s from the past. All of them very different from one another.clubman.jpgrallymini.jpgSome may not understand why people are drawn to Mini’s (excluding the “new mini”) but they really are a lot of fun. They’re impressively small, can run circles around your 911, and still seat four people.jettaluv.jpgThe mini wasn’t the only thing I brought into the shop this weekend. My sister stopped by in her MKIII Jetta VR6 so we could troubleshoot a speaker issue. We gave it a quick detail while it was inside and took a look at removing the amber shield inside the rear turn signals. Removing this will make the smoked signal section appear clear, instead of having that amber haze inside the lamp. Unfortunately to do this (correctly & completely) the lamps will need to be placed in the oven for a short bit to soften the adhesive. The lens and housing can then be separated and the amber shield can be removed   


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